Portland, Oregon’s only Farmhouse beer festival and the Pacific Northwests’s largest event celebrating American Farmhouse and Wild/mixed fermentation ales. The Portland Farmhouse & Wild Ale Festival returns to Saraveza and the surrounding area March 23-25th, 2018.

The Portland Farmhouse and Wild Ale Festival was founded in 2013 and held at Saraveza, their Bad Habit Room and expanded into the street with a covered tent. In it’s 5+ years the festival has grown to the largest in the pacific northwest and represents more than fifty beers and dozens and dozens of American Farmhouse breweries from across the country. Hosted by Saraveza, the organizers goal is to be the ultimate showcase for the new wave of American Farmhouse beers and be an approachable forum to discover what makes the broad style so interesting and complex. Each year the festival welcomes new breweries and more improvements to the experience.

More information and ticketing info available here.


The general public will be allowed in the tented area (21 and over only), but beer will only be available with fest entry purchase, wrist band, and drink tickets.

A portion of proceeds will go to benefit the Pink Boots Society.