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Welcome to Saraveza!

Saraveza Bottle Shop & Pasty Tavern takes beer seriously. Select from our curated bottle or rotating draft collection.  Enjoy a dish from our Midwest-inspired scratch menu. Take any beer home at a discounted price. Our vintage bottles make great gifts!


Thursday, September 3, 2015

THURSDAY, SEPT. 10TH from 6 to 9PM Join us as we host both Finnriver Farm & Cidery and Cider Riot! and sink your teeth into what is happening in the growing craft cider sector with local and national ambassadors, taste what is fermenting and enjoy organic culinary apples!  More details to follow…

Draft Ciders:

-Forest Ginger Cider 6.5% abv
-Fresh Hopped Cider 6.5% abv
-Lavender Black Currant Cider 6.5% abv

Cider Riot!:
-Burncider Dry Draught Cider, 6.8% abv
-Pinot BBL-Aged Burncider
-Never Give An Inch Blackberry Cider, 6.9% abv

Other Featured Cider Bottles:

Cider Riot!:
-1763, 6.9%, abv

-Apple Abbey Cider 6.5% abv
-Port Style Apple Wine 18.5% abv



Thursday, September 3, 2015

WED. SEPT. 16TH from 6 to 9PM  Join us as we host “Epic Ray” for a showcase of Epic Brewing Company beers!  Ray will be in-house to answer questions and sample you from a variety of cans and bottles and we’ll be offering the following Exponential Series beers on draft:

-Imperial IPA - This beer is the epitome of Epic’s IPAs. This hard hitting brew manages to pack a punch while still providing that fantastically complex IPA flavor. Slightly floral aromas hit the nose while resinous flavors dominate the body, finishing with the ideal palate cleansing bitterness, 10.2% ABV

-Smoked & Oaked - Smoked cherry wood malt brings a smoky sweetness to the caramel malts and a bit of peat flavor with Belgian-style yeast. The entire batch aged in whiskey barrels dries out the perceived sweetness of the caramel malt leaving an almost scotch like taste, 9.6% ABV

-Imperial Pumpkin Porter - The essence of the fall!  This beer explodes with aromas of sweet Spices giving way to chocolate and roasted malt.  Flavors are reminiscent of fresh-cut pumpkin and chocolate and complimented by hints of clove, fresh Madagascar vanilla beans, nutmeg and allspice, 8.10% ABV


Wednesday, September 2, 2015

THURS. SEPT. 24TH at 6:00PM Bad Habit Room & Christoper Barnes of “I Think About Beer” present:  “Big Beers & Small Plates:  A Guided Tour of Unknown Belgium”.  $25 TICKETLESS ENTRY HERE gets you an 8 oz pour of Bavik Pilsner and a four course small plate pairing of the following:

- Brasserie Jandrain Jandrenouille “IV” Saison - paired with Smoked Trout Canape

- Brouwerij Van Eecke “Poperings Hommel Bier” Golden Belgian Ale - paired with Radish Salad:  Radishes, Parmesean, Basil, Watercress, Brown Butter Crouton & Lemon Vinaigrette

- Brouwerij Strubbe “Ichtegem’s Grand Cru” Oud Bruin - paired with Flemish Beef Stew

- Brasserie Artisinale de Rulles “La Rulles Triple” - paired with Poached Pear dipped in Belgian Chocolate

Bavik Pils
Bavik Premium Pilsner, is considered one of the best Belgian Pilsners, and is certainly one that survived the onslaught by Interbrew-Labatt, which tried, and still tries to take over as many Belgian breweries as possible, to shut them down and to stop brewing their beers. Bavik Premium Pilsner has been brewed since the creation of the brewery in 1894. Indeed, the emergence of the Pilsner, only a few decades earlier in Bavaria and Czechia, was one of the main reasons Mr. De Brabandere started his brewery. Read about the history of the brewery on the brewery-page. The Bavik Premium Pilsner has a very strong market in the Southern part of West Flanders and in the Western part of Northern France. This is in fact the ‘local’ market for the brewery, and this market is still growing at a healthy pace.

Jandrain IV
The IV Saison is the latest discovery of the beer hipsters of Brussels. The Moeder Lambic, the best beer bar in town (and also the hippest), supports the brewery and loves this beer.
Jandrain-Jandrenouille brews on a very small scale (capacity per brew is about 10 hl). It uses only malt, hops, yeast and water; no spices or sugar. It has some American hops — the brewers work for the Yakima Chief hop consortium — but they aren’t over-used. It’s a traditional saison, more bitter than spicy and sweet.

Ichtegem’s Grand Cru
Ichtegem’s grand cru is a Flemish red ale. This unique style of beer is brewed as two separate beers, that are blended together to form the final product. Similar to the lambic geuze, one beer is brewed to be aged in oak barrels. This beer is aged for two years, where exposure to oxygen, the wood of the barrels, and naturally occuring microflora alter it’s flavor, making it dry and sharp with an acidic tang. The second half of the equation is a sweet young beer, brewed before blending, that the brewer uses to balance the beer to his specifications. The Ichtegems grand cru is nutty, malty, and has a subtle dark cherry tang to it that balances it beautifully.

La Rulles Triple
La Rulles Triple is a unique Belgian triple. Brewed with American west coast hops and the special yeast created by Orval Trappist brewery, it marries the flavors of two different worlds. La Rulles Triple is brewed with Pilsner malt, as well as Warrior and Amarillo hops from the Yakima valley in Washington state. The beer is then fermented with Orval’s top fermenting triple yeast. This rare yeast lends the ale a more complex character. Secondary fermentation is done in bottle with dark candy sugar.

Popering Hommel Fresh Hopping 2014
In mid September fresh hops are picked in the Poperings hop field and immediately used to brew the annual Poperings Hommel Fresh Harvest Ale. The 4 hops used to brew this fresh cone Hommel are from Poperinge, Saphir, Magnum, Challenger, and Kent-Golding. After a 3 week resting period, this ale is dry hopped again with Saphir cones. The ale is bottled exclusively in 750ml bottles with extra yeast and sugar added so it can referment for 3 weeks. There are a limited number of bottles produced because of the one time harvest of fresh picked cones. High fermented Belgian Ale with refermentation in the bottle.

Seeking Beer Guru

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Saraveza is looking for a beer buyer and event coordinator.  Ideal candidate is a team player who’s PASSIONATE about CRAFT BEER and the beer industry and is ready to lead our team through Beervana! 

This person possesses strong organizational skills that can motivate employees, has retail and event coordinating experience, can oversee budgets and inventory and is comfortable being in the public eye.  This hands on position will include;  weekly purchasing of bottles and draft, organizing and maintaining inventory, educating staff and customers on the beers, planning and executing multiple events a month as well as 2-4 large scale festivals per year, evangelizing for the business and the beer, working with staff, customers, distributors, beer reps, brewers and the larger craft beer community to make Saraveza a premier beer destination.

This position is a full-time management position that includes some day and some night shifts that also act as support for the restaurant. Saraveza’s Beer Buyer/Event Coordinator reports directly to our General Manager.  We have a specific job description for you, including daily and periodic responsibilities. 

Please send all inquiries and resumes with cover letters to (JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).  Cheers!

3rd Annual Peche Fest!

Monday, August 3, 2015




















SAT. OCT. 10TH from 3pm to 10pm in both Saraveza & The Bad Habit Room, it’s our 3rd Annual Peche Fest!  A festival dedicated entirely to the delightful, delectable fruit we all love!  Our draft list is rapidly growing and we’ll be featuring special peach foods and cocktails as well.  Stay tuned for online pre-sale entry information and full draft list.

Drafts so far include:
2 Towns Ciderhouse - Peach Cider
13 Virtues - “Peach Fuzz Pils”
Burnside Brewing Company - Gin BBL-Aged Sour Peach Farmhouse
Dogfish Head Craft Brewed Ales - “Festina Peche”
Double Mountain Brewery & Tap Room - “Peche Mode”
Epic Brewing Company - “Brainless on Peaches”
Epic Brewing Company - “Sour Brainless on Peaches”
Finnriver Farm & Cidery - “Peach Brett Tart Cider”
Fort George Brewery - “Eat A Peach” Peach Sour
Fort George Brewery - “Summer Stout” Peach Stout
Golden Valley Brewery - “Peche un Idee”
Great Divide - “Peach Grand Cru”
Hi-Wheel Wines - “Peach Cobbler”
Hopworks Urban Brewery & New Belgium Brewing Company - “B-Side” Peach IPA
Hopworks Urban Brewery & New Belgium Brewing Company - “B-Side EP” Peach Sour
Laht Neppur - “Peachy Keen”
Logsdon Farmhouse Ales - “Peche & Brett”
New Belgium Brewing Company - “Eric’s Ale”
Upright Brewery - “Fantasia”


Live Draft List Now Listed Under ‘BEER’

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