• Saraveza (map)
  • 1004 North Killingsworth Street
  • Portland, OR, 97217
  • United States

Saraveza’s executive chef, Dustin, who spent several years running pFriem's kitchen, is a talented leader who works hard, has high expectations and loves what he does and the people he works with.

In May 2018, Dustin became legally blind from a rare condition called Leber Hereditary Optic Neuropathy and is now learning to live legally blind. As a fiercely independent person, Dustin has lots of obstacles in front of him as he adjusts to his new way of life.

Dustin has been an integral part in Saraveza's success and has worked hard to keep our friends, families and customers well fed with a thoughtful menu. In return, we are hoping to provide Dustin with some financial support to help him with living and medical expenses.


Please help support Dustin as he adjusts to his new world and continues to make Saraveza a great place to eat, be, and enjoy. Here’s how you can help:

- On September 22nd –

o Drink pFriem! Proceeds from pFriem draft go directly to Dustin.

o Donate directly! You can donate via cash or on your bill the next time you visit Saraveza.

o For the following week, ask for the Dustin tap or donate at Saraveza.