February is Bourbon Month! We're thrilled to have Block 15 in house for the release of their Bourbon Month beers  from 12-5 PM.

We'll have the Super Nebula, Super Nebula Breakfast with Woodford, Super Nebula Double Chocolate with Black Cherry, Kriek a Two Summers Cuvee, Dab Lab Juice Joint and Sticky Hands on tap from 12-5 PM and folks from Block 15 in house.


We'll have a very limited amount of the three bourbon barrel Super Nebulas and Kriek available in bottles to-go as well as plenty of DAB Lab, Sticky Hands, and Gloria! Bottle sales will begin at 3 to not overwhelm our staff and to give everyone a shot at getting one. There is a 1 bottle per person limit on the Super Nebula variants and Kriek.

We'll have a bottle of Woodford Reserve Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey on hand to pair with the Super Nebula and a handful of other specialty whiskies to offer as pairings. We'll be offering a small food pairing menu and flights of the Nebulas and Kriek.

Bourbon Month at Saraveza.jpg

Food Pairing Menu

chicken liver mousse $6 amarena cherry, sea salt, baguette                                                  recommended pairing - Super Nebula $3.5/5.5oz or $5.5/8oz

bourbon maple sage pork sausage $7 butternut squash puree, brussel sprouts, cherry      recommended pairing - Super Nebula, Breakfast with Woodford $4/5.5oz or $7/8oz

chocolate brownie $6 caramel, hazelnut, bourbon whip cream                                recommended pairing - Super Nebula, Double Chocolate Black Cherry $4/5.5oz or $7/8oz