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Curated Draft & Bottle Selection

Voted one of “America’s Best Beer Bars” in 2011-14 by Draft Magazine, Saraveza’s emphasis is on American Craft as well as hard-to-find beers, the newest seasonal brews and the classics.  We age our favorites. Peruse our vintage bottles - they make great gifts! All beer is available “to-go” at discounted prices.

Come on in to our craft beer watering hole, our award winning beertenders are happy to help you find the beverage that suits your mood.  And no, sadly we don’t serve New Glarus.  BUT we happily take donations!

1: Coors Hamms RB|BA
American Lager 4.2% Golden, CO
2: Hale's Ales Bill'sner RB|BA
Pilsner 5.1% Seattle, WA Just Tapped!
3: New Belgium Hop Tart RB|BA
Sour Ale Dry Hopped w/ Galaxy, Nelson & Hop 522 5.0% Fort Collins, CO
4: Block 15 Marionberry Wildfire RB|BA
Adambier w/ lactobacillus & marionberries - Barrel Aged (Oak) 10.5% Corvallis, OR
5: Swift Dank Hop
Apple Cider w/ Organic Pineapple- Hops (Columbus, Centennial & Chinook) 6.7% Portland, OR Just Tapped!
6: Agrarian Ales Tartan RB|BA
Scottish Ale 7.3% Coburg, OR Just Tapped!
7: Mad River John Barleycorn RB|BA
Barleywine 11.1% Blue Lake, CA
8: Fremont The Sister RB|BA
Imperial IPA 8.5% Seattle, WA
9: Sierra Nevada Southern Hemisphere Harvest Fresh Hop IPA RB|BA
Fresh Hop IPA 6.7% Chico, CA
10: Old Ivy South of the Porter RB|BA
Porter Aged on Kahlua Soaked Oak Chips 6.0% Vancouver, WA
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