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Second Sunday with Maris Otter!

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

marisotter-1 Join us Sunday January 8thth, from 7-9PM as we revel in the perennial sounds of local old timey string band Maris Otter These fellow industry boys bring a warm and merry presence to Saraveza’s welcoming suppertime atmosphere. The timeless resonance of banjo, fiddle, guitar and upright bass hearkens to continuity with the past and a relaxed look toward the future, the perfect way to savor the last of the weekend before a busy week on the job. Performances are always free and appropriate for the whole family.

Saraveza New Updates — Monthly Archives: 11 2016

New Holland Brewing welcome party!

Monday, November 28, 2016


Wednesday, December 7th! 6-9PM

The fine folks over at New Holland brewing are bringing their Dragon’s Milk bourbon barrel aged imperial stout to town, and we’ll be debuting it here on Wednesday the 7th!

We’ll have 4-packs and 22s of Dragon’s Milk available for purchase, as well as Dragon’s Milk stout and the Coconut Rum Barrel Dragon’s Milk Reserve on draft!

So come out and show the New Holland crew some Portland love!

Saraveza New Updates — Monthly Archives: 11 2016

Black Friday Goose Island Release!

Friday, November 18, 2016


Friday November 25th, 11AM till they are gone!

It’s that time of year again! We will have a limited selection of Goose Island’s Bourbon County Stout plus a couple variants (no Proprietor’s) for sale at open on Friday 11/25.

In addition to this year’s release, we will also be pulling up some vintage BCBS from our coffers to sell as well.

We will have limits on bottle sales as we do want to make sure the love gets spread to as many people as possible. More details about those will be available closer to the event.

We will have:
48 bottles of Bourbon County Stout
12 bottles of Coffee Bourbon County Stout
6 bottles of Bourbon County Barleywine
6 bottles of Rare

We will have the following limits:
1 bottle of standard BCBS per person.
1 variant per person.
This will help spread the love a bit!

We’ll see you at 11AM! If you choose to get here early to line up, please be prepared for rain!

A quick note about the vintage bottles we will be releasing from our beer buyer, Clark.
“As the beer buyer, and the curator of the vintage bottle program here at Saraveza, I take quality control very seriously.

As you are probably aware, Goose Island issued a recall for many of their Bourbon County Brands earlier this year. Unfortunately, the recall did impact bottles we are cellaring in order to create verticals of both Bourbon County Brand Barley Wine and Bourbon County Brand Stout. This recall not only impacted Saraveza’s cellar, but my own personal one as well.

Because of the cold conditions we keep our cellar program under here at Saraveza, I can attest that our bottles of Bourbon County Stout and Bourbon County Barley Wine are not exhibiting off flavors at this time. However, if they are stored at cellar temperature in the future, they most likely will exhibit signs of lactobacillus infection.

I have come to this conclusion by conducting a very scientific test. I opened a bottle from my personal cellar, which is stored at typical 55ish degrees next to one from Saraveza’s cellar. The bottle from my cellar was most certainly “off” though not necessarily undrinkable. The bottle from Saraveza’s cellar was consistent with what you would expect from an uninfected Bourbon County series bottle.

So, with all of this being said, I have decided we need to sell off the verticals we have in order to get the 2015 batch of BCBS and BCBBW out into the hands of people who will drink them. I would recommend drinking the 2015 versions soon, and most certainly storing them at refrigerator temperatures until you do get a chance to crack one open.

While I and the rest of Saraveza take quality very seriously, I should point out that we can’t take any responsibility for beers exhibiting off flavors due to production issues. So purchase the 2015 bottles at your own risk. We will not be charging any more than the standard MSRP for these bottles, which I can only think of as a fair compromise.

For this event we will have gift packs of the following for purchase:
Bourbon County Brand Stout 2013, 2014, and 2015
Bourbon Country Brand Barley Wine 2014, 2015, and 2016

These verticals will deplete our cellar stash of Bourbon County. This will be the last time you will see these vintages of these beers for sale here. Quantity is very limited.

Thank you for your time and understanding in regards to this issue. I hope we can all agree that beer tastes good, even when it doesn’t taste as expected.”
- Clark Prather

Saraveza New Updates — Monthly Archives: 11 2016

Fire and Brimstone

Monday, November 7, 2016


November 12th, ALL DAY!

From the ashes of what it once was, Fire and Brimstone returns! A beer event centered around all things smokey and spicy, this year’s Fire and Brimstone will be unlike any other!

All day on Saturday, November 12th, our 10 taps will be taken over by a mix of smokey and spicy beers and ciders that will be sure to keep your taste buds tingling! We will not be doing a “festival” format for it this time around, so no wristbands, no special glassware, no admission, and no beer fest hassle. Don’t fret though, the classic Bamburg Onions will still be served up all day (or until we run out)!

This year the celebration is focused solely here at Saraveza. We’ve also cranked up on the intensity as we have some of the smokiest and spiciest beers we could get our hands on for this event!

Draft list:
Burnside “Super Sweet Super Heat”
- An imperial version of their Sweet Heat with added mangoes and Scotch bonnet peppers!

Bell’s Brewing “Smoked Stout”
- A classic from the Kalamzoo folks, smokey and roasty!

Breakside “2015 Barrel Aged Aztec”
- One of our favorite seasonal releases from some little brewery over on Dekum. Barrel Aged Aztec has just enough spice to tickle your tastebuds!

Ex Novo “It Burns When IPA”
- A jalapeno cream ale named by our own beer buyer, Clark! It tastes and smells like an IPA got in a fight with some jalapenos.

Aecht Schlenkerla “Marzen”
- Aecht Schlenkerla is known for their rauchbiers and this one is our favorite, but only if you made us choose.

Reverend Nat’s “Spicy Hot Tepache!”
- Tepache is Rev Nat’s seasonal pinapple mixer best mixed with lagers. For Fire and Brimstone they hooked us up with a super spicy version of their summer classic.

Hi-Wheel “Peach Habanero”
- The folks over at Hi-Wheel whippe up a batch of their Peach Cobbler with some added habanero punch just for this event!

Boneyard ” Fuego Diablo Rojo”
- It’s Boneyard’s normal “Diablo Rojo” but with an infusion of habanero extract. This one is going to hurt a bit!

Agrarian “Spicy Michelada de Finca”
- This is Agrarian’s golden ale brewed with tomatoes and jalapenos from their farm, but this keg was specially infused with extra jalapenos for an added bite!

The Commons “Rauch Helles”
- This yeast-forward brewery has done it again with a killer german style rauchbier!

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