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Bigfoot release party and vertical!

Sunday, December 27, 2015


Wednesday January 20th

Ladies and Gents, we have found Bigfoot! Four of them, to be exact! Come celebrate with us and Kat from Sierra Nevada as we delve into our cellar and put on a three year vertical of Bigfoot! Bigfoot is the best example of a classic American style barley wine. Aggressively hoppy, warming, and intense when young, this beer mellows so well with age! So well in fact, we’ve been hiding some away in our cellar for a while. So to celebrate the 2016 version of this beer, we are busting them out! Our good friends at Sierra Nevada are even hooking us up with something super awesome.

On draft we’ll have:
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale
2016 Sierra Nevada Bigfoot
2015 Sierra Nevada Bigfoot
2014 Sierra Nevada Bigfoot
2014 Sierra Nevada Barrel Aged Bigfoot

So come out, drink some water, have a flight, and discover Bigfoot for yourself.

Just think of this as a liver warm-up for Super Barrel on 2/6 and 2/7.

Saraveza New Updates — Monthly Archives: 12 2015

A Christmas Eve tradition

Friday, December 18, 2015


Christmas Eve 2015, 6pm - Close

A note from Clark:

Dear Family,

As many of you may know, I am the new beer buyer and events coordinator here at Saraveza. I’ve truly enjoyed my time so far here, and am looking forward to many more years of doing something that I love, in an industry that feels like family, for people I genuinely care about.

I was at Belmont Station for nearly three years before being offered the job here at Saraveza, and as a beloved member of the Belmont Station crew, there were a few fun traditions I got to partake in. The biggest one for me though, is that I always enjoyed being able to get off of work on Christmas eve and walk up to the bar and order a glass of Figgy Pudding. I’m not sure if Lisa or Johnathan ever really planned it out that way, but it always just seemed to be quietly on draft on Christmas Eve. (sorry if I’m letting the cat out of the bag, guys!) Other employees would join in too, and we’d sit there talking about the year, our personal holiday traditions that we look forward too every year, some of our favorite gifts and presents we had received or gifted to others, and many other things you’d do with your extended family. It really became something I looked forward to every Christmas Eve. Much like Belmont Station and all the people there, this beer holds a special place in my heart because of moments like that.

Now that I’ve moved up town to Saraveza, it just wouldn’t feel like Christmas Eve to not do the same with my NoPo family as well. So, on Christmas Eve, we will be tapping our keg of Block 15’s Figgy Pudding around 6pm. I’d like to personally invite you out to sit around with friends and family or just a group of strangers and share some of your favorite holiday memories.

It is the season of sharing with friends and family, so come out, let’s keep it mellow and relaxed, and save some for me, because I work till 10pm. grin

Our kitchen is also making up a batch of figgy pudding to have on hand the week leading up to Christmas. I’m looking forward to trying the beer along with the dessert to see how similar (or not) they are!

With that all said, I’d like to wish you all a very merry Christmas, and a happy New Year! Be prepared for even more fun and frivolity in the coming year and thank you for letting me be a part of your family.

Thank you,
Clark Prather
Beer Buyer/Events Coordinator


Saraveza New Updates — Monthly Archives: 12 2015

Vintage holiday cellar sale and beer extravaganza!

Thursday, December 17, 2015

christmas beer

December 12th through the 24th

Hark, the cellar sale starts,
December 12th at 4pm sharp!
We’ll have all sorts of goodies and treats,
plus this thing will last all week!
So there’s no real hurry to be here,
unless of course “missing out” is a fear!
Clark is running out of rhymes,
So stop in sometime and hopefully there’s no line!
So come take a peek at our cellar shelves,
find a special treat and be someone’s favorite elf!

We here at Saraveza always enjoy putting some special things out for the holiday season. This year is no different! We will be putting together some pretty fun vintage stuff in our vintage coolers starting on December the 12th and running through Christmas Eve. We’ll have some verticals, some single bottles, and our usual fun selection of things to choose from! We’ll be constantly rotating and updating things in the coolers as the days pass so there will most likely be something new every day!

In addition to the vintage sale this year, we’re celebrating the season with our tap list as well! Starting on the 12th we’ll be putting on different holiday beers all the way up to Christmas! This seasonal swing in craft beer is always one of the funnest and most diverse as far as styles to choose from spanning everywhere from an imperial stout to a spiced sour!

Just a taste of what to look for during our holiday extravaganza:
Sierra Nevada - Celebration
Anchor - “Our Special Ale” aka Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
Stormbreaker - Happy Marijuanakah
Stone - Xocoveza
Block 15 - Figgy Pudding

Plus a lot more! So keep your eyes on the live taplist (under “beer” up at the top of the site, in case you didn’t know!) or just follow us on twitter and we’ll announce when different things go on.

We look forward to helping you spread some holiday beer this year!

Saraveza New Updates — Monthly Archives: 12 2015

No-Li comes in like a wrecking ball!

Wednesday, December 2, 2015


Wednesday December the 16th!
No-Li out of Spokane, WA is coming in to Saraveza on a wrecking ball! Or, well, with a wrecking ball that is! Bryan from No-Li will be in the house with a very special keg of their Wrecking Ball, Barrel Aged on ancho chiles! Plus, just for the heck of it, we’ll have a keg of regular Wrecking Ball for your side-by-side tasting pleasure! We’ll have Crony, their tasty brown ale, on for your palate cleansing/pint drinking needs too!

So come find out what a Spokane Style ale is and have fun trying a great stout for this cold weather!

Saraveza New Updates — Monthly Archives: 12 2015

Meet the Heretic!

Tuesday, December 1, 2015


December 10th, 2015

Come out and meet the man behind the tasty concoctions from Heretic! We’ve got a couple special things from them being sent our way for the event, including Jamil Zainasheff!

On draft we’ll have:
Evil Cousin IIPA
Primo Diablo Habanero IPA
Empire Russian Imperial Stout
Be Bold Saison with Brett

So come out and meet a nice guy who makes delicious beverages for a living!

Also, person who shows Rob from Running Man distributing the cutest dog picture wins a prize!*



*prize = coaster

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