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Friday, July 26, 2013

 photo 9398490096_c9024256dd_c_zps1ad43998.jpgTUESDAY, AUGUST 6TH 5PM, Join us for a special tapping of “Butchertown Black” Ale from San Francisco’s Speakeasy Ales and Lagers.  Butchertown Black Ale celebrates the long forgotten Butchertown neighborhood of San Francisco where the Speakeasy Brewery stands today.  The beer is a play on the senses:  black as night with a deceivingly lighter body and a heavy dry-hopping regiment more akin to an IPA.  8.2% ABV and 70 IBUs.  We’ll be tapping a keg and will have bottles for sale!

Saraveza New Updates — Monthly Archives: 07 2013


Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Friday, July 26th from 6-10pm.  Trevor & Linsey of de Garde will be in-house sharing some of their spontaneously fermented ales including a very special new Saison.  Join us for this wild and wonderful mini-tap takeover to include:

Vieux Melange:  A blend of older and younger barrel aged farmhouse style ales fermented with our wild yeast and bacteria, this lightly tart brew has complex oak notes, a bright fruit character, And a lithe body.
ABV:  6.2%
IBU:  30

Vielle Peche:  A limited release of our wild, barrel aged, historic farmhouse ale with the addition of Oregon grown peaches added directly to the barrel. Lightly acidic, with a wonderful botanical character and a moderate peach fruitiness to complement.
ABV:  6.3%
IBU:  25

Mulligan:  An ‘India Wild Ale’ aged in gin barrels. Spontaneously fermented for a unique depth of character. We used a huge amount of hops, with a nearly equal split between the new Polaris hop for it’s sharp minty and citrus notes, and Citra for it’s tropical and citrus character. Aromatic, flavorful and hoppy, with a great gin twist.
ABV:  6.7%
IBU:  80

Ortucky Commons:  A collaborative brew with The Commons, this dark rye sour ale was brewed at Commons and fermented in 2nd use Bourbon barrels with slurry captured from DeGarde’s BuWeisse as well as one of the Commons house yeasts.
ABV:  5.4%

Is your mouth watering yet?  Ours are!

Saraveza New Updates — Monthly Archives: 07 2013

Deaf Night Out… Bon Voyage Ken Fisher

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

 photo Kanfisherfirkin_zps7e3056e9.jpg












Friday, August 2nd at 3pm
Come join Portland Deaf Night Out, Vancouver Association of the Deaf and Saraveza as we wish a “Von Boyage” to Grateful Deaf brewer Ken Fisher. Stop in to wish him safe and successful travels as he leaves for his annual brewery tour of Europe. We will be tapping a firkin of Grateful Deaf’s India Brown Ale, brewed at Brewers Union.

Saraveza New Updates — Monthly Archives: 07 2013


Sunday, July 14, 2013

Thursday, July 25th from 5-9pm.  It’s a German Sparkle Party Berliner Weisse Mini Tap Takeover!  Meet brewer, Tonya Cornett, get your sparkle on and taste the rainbow!  Wear your best sparkle gear for a chance to win 10 Barrel schwag!

German Sparkle Party:  Berliner Weisse is a sour, tart, fruity, effervescent ale, often referred to as the champagne of beers for its light and sparkly texture. A little different but we like different… give it a run for yourself. 
ABV:  4%
IBU: 16

Cucumber Crush:  What is more refreshing then a cold glass of tap water, ….a cold glass of cucumber tap water.  I think you know where we are going here… we added cucumbers to our Sour Berliner Weiss to give you a nice refreshing substitute to tap water. 
ABV: 4%
IBU: 4

Raspberry Crush:  Raspberry crush with slap you in the face with raspberry tartness then slaps you again with an undeniable sourness and just a hint of hibiscus we threw in there. Refreshing enough to have you coming back for more… if you dare…
ABV: 6.5%
IBU: 4

All three will be on draft - try them side by side! 

Saraveza New Updates — Monthly Archives: 07 2013


Friday, July 5, 2013















Wednesday, July 10th from 5-7pm.  Join John Bryant, owner of No-Li Brewhouse as we debut their “Born & Raised” IPA and “Crystal Bitter” on draft.  Help us welcome “Spokane Style” beer to Oregon!  John will be in-house pouring samples and we’ll be giving away glassware w/purchase while supplies last!

This big bold copper colored ale showcases a big malty body and sweetness contrasted against a substantial hop presence which begins in the nose, continues in the flavor and ends with a lingering hop finish. ABV-7%, IBU-80

By combining elements of English, German and American brewing techniques & ingredients we have created a hybrid beer of undeniable satisfying character. This burgundy colored ale has a big herbal hop nose, assertive bitterness & complex malt flavors creating a multi-dimensional taste. It is cold filtered and lager conditioned. ABV-5.75%, IBU-45

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