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JONATHAN CARMEAN: First ever Saraveza Manager

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Jonathan & Amber
You may already recognize Jonathan from behind Saraveza’s bar or as Oregon’s 2009 Bartender of the Year from NW Brewing News. Not only is Jonathan a craft beer guru, he’s an amazing people person, making him a perfect fit for managing Saraveza.

Jonathan started his foray into the world of craft beer at Great Lakes Brewing in Cleveland, Ohio. In Fall 2005, he and his partner, Amber (of the Cascade Barrel House), were drawn to the Pacific NW particularly for its attitude towards life. Shortly after a quick stint at PDX’s Rock Bottom Brewery, local legend Jim Parker scooped up Jonathan to help open New Old Lompoc’s Oaks Bottom; thus beginning Jonathan’s career as a “serial opener” in Portland’s craft beer scene. Since, Jonathan was an original beer tender at the infamous Green Dragon and one of the first employees at Saraveza.

Jonathan and Amber love to spend time with the people they’ve met in Beervana. Through these relationships they are continually reminded why they moved here in the first place and believe that nothing exemplifies this in the same way that the craft beer industry in the Pacific NW does. We’re honored to have Jonathan on staff at Saraveza and know that with his eye for detail and considerate approach, he’ll successfully take care of the customers, staff and beer!

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