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Chef Wanted!

Friday, August 15, 2008

I am looking for a chef that can produce yummy traditional Cornish pasties as well as other savory pasties in a variety of flavors. The focus of the food is fresh and big with an emphasis and on seasonal availability.

I am looking for someone with culinary experience. I need someone that can work 40 hrs a week, aid in creating the menu, develop recipes, manage the kitchen and commit to min. one year of employment. I am NOT looking for someone to make bar food, rather I want pasties that are memorable and meet Portland’s standards for a delicious, cheap and unique food experience.

Lastly, this person has to have an interest in beer.

I would like start meeting with interested parties ASAP and hope to have a chef hired and ready to start by early Sept.

If you know anyone (or know anyone who might know anyone) please pass this along.

I am happy to give more detail about Saraveza, myself and the position. So interested inquiries, please email (JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

Thank you!!!!!

- Sarah Pederson

Saraveza New Updates — Monthly Archives: 08 2008


Sunday, August 10, 2008

I’m starting to get inquiries about Saraveza. I thought I’d take a moment to answer some questions I’ve been getting. I’m happy to add it to it, keep the questions coming….. -sarita

- WHERE’S THE LOVE FOR OREGON BEER? I love Oregon beer - A LOT. Oregon beer gets all the credit for turning my tastebuds on to malt and hops. I am so happy to be living in Beervania where we are spoiled with so much fresh, versatile and tasty beers on any given neighborhood corner. I just talk about Wisconsin beer on this blog a lot because I started this for all my friends and family back home. Actually - I love AMERICAN beer. Anywhere I visit, the local beer is the beer I want to try.

- WHAT’S YOUR BEER CREDENTIALS?: I’m not a beer expert. Just an enthusiast that likes to sit down and catch one with friends and strangers alike. I’ve done my share of reading on beer and have taken the American Brewers Certification Class. I’ve done a short internship at Hair of Dog, worked in the cellar at the New Old Lompoc and dabbled in homebrewing. I’ve done a lot of beer pairing, purchasing and employee instruction when I worked at Pix Patisserie. Even with all that experience, I know that this town is full of beer heads that know SO much more about beer than I could pretend to. I hope to meet all those people, learn from them and give them an excuse to leave the house.

- HOW COME YOU DON’T REVIEW BEER IN YOUR BLOG?: I’m not planning on posting a lot of descriptions of beer tastings. At least not on my website. So many people do this and do it much better than me. BUT, I am happy to crack one open and talk shop - I’d much rather spend my time evaluating beer with you in person than alone with my laptop.

- HOW MANY TYPES OF BEER WILL YOU HAVE AT SARAVEZA?: Details continue to work themselves out. I hope to open with a selection big enough to fill the two coolers I recently bought. I figure that will bring me up to about 150 types of beer. There will also be a decent tap selection at the bar. Eventually, I hope to have additional cooling; my dream is to have 500 types of beer.

- DON’T YOU THINK THAT PORTLAND HAS ENOUGH BEER BARS?: Ummm, aparently I do not. That would be a pretty stupid business move for me if I did believe that. I lived in Humboldt since ‘02 and know that there’s a need for a friendly, neighborhood hangout.

Saraveza New Updates — Monthly Archives: 08 2008

Potosi shines, Baumgartners rules! Will Brett Favre stay or go?? A very excellent trip to Wisconsin.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Just off the plane from Wisc. and back to business right away. Saraveza is starting to look real with actual walls up. This next week is full of inspections, getting ready to do the floors and digging a hole in the basement floor for the walk-in. I’ve started to drop hours at Cava (the awesome gastro-pub on Foster I serve at) as my early/mid October target date nears. I’m starting to feel the heat.

My short week at home really got me ready for the month ahead. We ate Cornish pasties in Madison and Mineral Point. The Red Rooster Cafe in Mineral Point really emulates what I want Saraveza’s pasties to be. I think the miners of the past would have been proud! I’m really ready to start exploring the menu side of the business with someone who loves to cook, eat and drink beer. (If you know anyone, shoot me an email!)

Potosi, popultion 711, the ultimate destination of my trip, was such an unsuspected gem. Six Wisconsinites accompanied me and no one had heard of the Potosi’s National Breweriana Museum. You don’t have to be a breweriana junkie to fall in love with this museum - the often colorful and humorous artifacts on display are true pieces of Americana. It’s also important to note that Potosi’s Brewery and a beautiful dining area are attached to the museum, I recommend all beer enthusiasts venture to Potosi!

My father and Uncle Jim insisted that I visit Baumgartner’s in Monroe. Here, I felt at home. With a cheese shop in front and a tavern in back, this place spoke to me like no other. Apparently, Baumgartner’s is Wisconsin’s first cheese shop. You can order a Limburger cheese and red onion sandwich for $2.95. What a deal! Especially since it stays with you all day! (For real, it stinks up your mouth, your hands, your face, your car…..) The staff is kooky and delightful. The food is simple and oh-so Wisconsin. The customers and laughing and drinking. I miss this place…...

The remaining part of the trip was spent picking up bottle caps, going to the flea market, checking out taverns, talking about what was going to happen with Brett Favre and spending time with family. I’ve posted pictures of it all on Saraveza’s MySpace ( All in all, this worthwhile visit really helped me pull together some final ideas for the shop. Speaking of Saraveza, I need to get back to work!

- sarita

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