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July is Oregon Craft Beer Month

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Hey all beer loving non-Oregonians! While I focus on all the obstacles my new business venture poses, I am continually motivated by all the excitement generated by the local beer scene. July is officially Portland’s month to show its dedication to all our hometown malted bubbly. It’s a pretty fantastic time and place to be if you are a beer lover.

All month long new unique beers are being released, vintage beers are uncorked and festival after festival this city draws a crowd from around the world to come and drink some beer. Makes me want to reach for a cold one just thinking about it. Anyone visiting should definitely check out some of the 120+ beer events.

In addition to all the festivals and activities, last week, S.N.O.B (Supporters of Native Oregon Beer) celebrated its 2,000th member at local iconic pub, The Horse Brass. It was a higlighted event complete with a volunteer acappella quartet singing about the impossible feat of drinking Portland dry, members got to talk shop and renew memberships.

Not sure if the secret is completely out, but my life doesn’t center around beer. Yes, its true, I enjoy a glass (or 9) of wine every once in awhile (or about every 5 blocks). On Saturday, I ran the Mini Medoc Fun Run which was part of Pix Patisserie’s all day Bastille Day block party. Mirrored after an annual marathon in the famous wine region of Medoc in Bordeaux, France, this 5k consisted of costumed runners (I was a cowgirl) and 9 wine tasting pit stops. It was 90 degrees outside. Intense. Need I say more?

Lots of beer and some very nice wine on the side. Portland’s too much fun for just one girl. Man, wish all you out-of-towners could come visit Portland July!

Best, Sarita

Saraveza New Updates — Monthly Archives: 07 2008

We’re rolling!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I won a poly resin deer head and a vintage leather dice shaker on Ebay last night. I’m looking for some nice freshwater fiberglass fish as well; not sure if Portland could handle the real thing. I’ve chosen my paneling and am designing my back bar.

I’ve got a framer, plumber, masonry, concrete guy and electrician all starting on the spot over the next week. Things are rolling for Saraveza; as for me, this means I need to get shopping!

I’ll start posting pictures on my myspace ( page of the build out for those interested. Thanks for all your support!


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