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6101 Bottle Caps = Aug 1, 2008

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I really thought I wasn’t going to like it, but I SO underestimated Bridgetown’s Belgian coffee-Marion berry ale - the Stumptown Tart. If you ever feel like drinking dessert - she’s delicious!

Pulling a permit is like pulling teeth. Saraveza is officially starting to roll. Hope to start building in a week+. Like molasses. In the mean time, I’ve started the table/bar design. We’ll have to work quickly to get them completed before the finish work starts cuz that’ll keep me real busy. So far I’ve received aproximately 3212 bottle caps! I’m estimating that I’ll need 9313 usable caps. THAT MEANS I’m hoping I’ll collect 6101 more caps by August 1st (address below / I’ll reimburse shipping). If you’re collecting from Wisconsin, there’s a chance that I can grab them in person while I’m visiting in late July. Thanks to everyone helpful in this bottle cap search!!! And remember..EVERY CAP COUNTS!!

I’m also starting a mailing list; hope its okay that you’re on it!

Oh, has anyone been to The Four Firkins in Minneapolis? Looks rad!

Prost, Sarita

Saraveza New Updates — Monthly Archives: 06 2008

Potosi anyone?

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Travels to Wisconsin allow time for great research. Heading home in late July for a duel wedding shower (Seth/Sean - I can’t wait!!), I’ll be able to accomplish some serious studying at some of Sconnie’s best breweries, pasty eateries and flea markets. Not to mention, we’re going to throw down some mad meat at my cousins’ wedding shower.

On Friday, July 25th, I’ll be studying hard core. I’m looking for study partners, so let me know if you want to come along for the ride ~

First stop, the National Brewery Museum at Potosi Brewery Co. I’m excited to see what the American Breweriana Association has pulled together. I’m not sure if there’s another museum of this sort, but imagine it will be a rare jewel for breweriana junkies.

Next stop, Mineral Point, WI. The Red Rooster Cafe for pasties. I’ve never been but they’ve been open for 30 years and my Aunt Karen says they’re delicious and she should know - she’s a local. I’ll wash down with some brew at Brewery Creek.

I’m always drawn back to the Mount Horeb Mustard Museum with a pit stop at The Grumpy Troll. This, of course leads me to New Glarus, but I might save that leg of the trip for the next time I am around and the Carey’s new brewery is open.

I’m not sure where I’ll post up that night, but I need to be in Monroe the following morning which might turn into an early afternoon visit to the Huber Brewery. I could take it back to Madison to visit Capital and check out Teddy Wedgers, but not sure yet. My mission’s flexible; I could be easily persuaded.

Any advice/suggestions on hot spots that will help me in my adventure are appreciated. And if you can’t join me for the day, maybe there’s a pint we can hook-up over during my adventure. Shoot me a mail if you would!

Prost, Sarita

Saraveza New Updates — Monthly Archives: 06 2008

HELP!! Drink more beer!!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Hey all beer drinkers! To my family and friends - its me - Sarah! For those that don’t know me, I’m a native Wisconsinite that’s living in Portland, OR. I grew up in Shawano, Wis and am trying to bring some of that midwest culture to my current home. And I’m looking for some help…. I need a mass quantity of beer consumed within the next two months. Seriously!

I’m opening up - Saraveza - a retail beer bottle shop with an attached tavern in Portland. I’ll sell up to 500 different bottles of beer specializing in American Microbrews and Belgian Ales. You can take the beer to go or go drink it in the tavern. The overall feel of the bottle shop and tavern is -northern Wisconsin cabin/tavern. Paneling, signs with funny sayings, jars of pickled animal parts, possibly a gun, fish or deer head wall mount…you know what I’m talking about. I’ve been collecting vintage Wisconsin beer memorabilia and will decorate the space with them. Our kitchen will perfect the art of a big ol’ pasty and there’ll be tailgaiting and brats on game days.

Currently, we’re in the design phase. This is where you come in… Portland is DRY of Wisconsin cerveza. I’m looking for bottle caps specifically from the great beers of Wisconsin that we can’t get our hands on here. And I’m not just talking Spotted Cow and Sprechters, I’m talking Schlitz, Blatz, Old Style and of course, Point and Leinie’s. Actually, in addition to Midwest Mirco and Wisconsin Domestic, any Imports (especially Belgium), would be rad. Only request would be to go lite on Bud and Miller, I already have more than I need. Oh, Sundrop bottle caps are very welcome too.

I’m using the caps for all the bar and table top designs. I imagine that I’ll start constructing the tables/bar sometime in the next some months (probably in early Aug) and would love to have some caps to work with by then.

If you know my parents in Shawano you can just give them the caps. Otherwise, I will send a check to cover shipping costs for every package that is received, just include your name and mailing address. The better the shape the bottle cap is in, the more ideal. You can send bottle caps and your mailing info to:

1631 NE Broadway
PMB 448
Portland, Oregon 97232

If you want me to send you an email when my deadline is getting close, just email me and I will send out another email as I get closer. Also email me with any questions or to say hi!

I’m hoping to open in November and then you can come visit and view your contribution.

I JUST started constructing a myspace page that’s more for my family and friends than for advertising, but you can check in there for up dates on where I am with the build out:, it should be updated in the next week or so.

And if anyone knows how to get more Wisconsin beers distributed to Oregon, I’d love to talk shop.

Thanks to everyone that’s already offered their support in this project and also to my “research team” ....and please forward this email to anyone you think likes to drink Wisconsin or other types of beer and would help my cause.

Sarah Pederson

coming soon:

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