Food Menu

All food is available to-go.  Pasties can be purchased warmed or take-n-bake for $1 off


The Nater
The traditional beef pasty.  Porter braised Painted Hills beef, potato, carrot, rutabaga & onion $8.5

The Potater
Mushrooms, onion, carrot, celery, rutabaga, potato & white cheddar cheese $8.25

Painted Hills house cured corned beef, swiss, sauerkraut & housemade thousand island $8.5

Pasty of the Day $8.75

1/2 Pasty and Cup of Soup $7.5


Rotating Housemade Link Sausage
Kraut & Schmahl’s mustards: yellow made w/ Upright Brewing’s #4 (Wheat) & spicy brown made w/ Upright’s #6 (Rye) small $4 or large $7.5

Saraveza Brat
We make our own Wisconsin favorite w/ Carlton Farms pork & load it w/ our relish, kraut, onions & grain mustard on Grand Central brioche bun w/ potato salad $7.5

Spud Melt
Roasted new potatoes, white & yellow cheddar cheese, apple smoked bacon & chives. Served w/ buttermilk herb dressin’ $7.5

Steamed in garlic white wine. Side of baguette & saffron aioli $10

Smoked Trout Board
Soft cheese, remoulade, pickles & crackers $10

Steve’s Cheese
Olympic Provisions salami, roasted almonds, olives, pickles, fruit & crackers $12


2 Fresh Soups (changes daily) cup $3 or bowl $5

Spence’s Caesar
W/ white anchovy fillet $7

Butter Lettuce
Blue cheese crumbles & dressin’, chives & house pickled beets $7

Rotating Special Salad $7.5


House baked Chex Mix $3.5

Dustin’s Pickles $4

Saraveza’s Pickled Deviled Eggs $5

Classic Veggie Platter
Choice of our own blue cheese, buttermilk herb or house vinagrette $4

Cream Cheese Stuffed Jalapenos
Topped w/ house cured applewood smoked bacon $5.5

Nueske’s Summer Sausage
Tillamook cheddar, Ritz Crackers & Ballpark Mustard $5.5

Rice Crispy Treat $2.5

Sugar Pimp’s Weekend Cupcake $2.75