Wisco Tavern Beer!

Wisco Tavern Beer!

Monday, November 2, 2015


Sunday November 15th

As you all know, we are a craft beer bar, with a constantly rotating and changing draft list. Well… except for one tap, which has been a nod to the macro beer industry ever since we’ve opened our doors. Well that changes on November 15th as we are excited to announce a new house beer for Saraveza! We’ve teamed up with the wonderful folks over at Breakside Brewing to create “Wisco Tavern Beer”.  This beer is a nod to the Midwest’s brewing history and reputation of being hard working, beer loving, blue collar folks. Wisco Tavern Beer (Wisco for short) will be unveiled on Sunday, November the 15th. We open at 9:30am for all of your Packers football needs and we will have it on draft all day!

“This is a big moment for Saraveza.  For seven years we have honored the world of domestic beer by always pouring a pint of Hamm’s alongside some of the best craft beers in the world.  It was important to me to acknowledge the industry that created a springboard for our recent craft beer revolution,” said Sarah Pederson, owner of Saraveza Bottle Shop & Pasty Tavern.  “Breakside’s Wisco Tavern Beer does the same thing for us, but with a new twist that we are proud to stand behind.”

“Wisco” clocks in at an almost sessionable 5.5% ABV, a cream ale that features Pilsner and Vienna malts at it’s base. Breakside Brewing will be serving the beer at their locations starting in January of 2016, but we at Saraveza will be serving it in our beloved frosty mugs starting November 15th!

As for all of you fans of our soon to be former house beer, Hamm’s, don’t fret! We will still be offering this tasty treat in 16oz pint cans, and it will still be served with a frosty mug (when volume allows) to go with it!

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