Vintage Cascade Dock Sale & Tasting At Bad Habit Room

Vintage Cascade Dock Sale & Tasting At Bad Habit Room

Sunday, October 13, 2013

photo(5)What’s with that Saraveza “The Vine” bottle?  See below…

Sat. Oct. 19th, 2:30-5:30: In celebration of Saraveza’s first five years, we’re opening our cellar doors and making these rare treasures available in our Bad Habit Room!  It’s a fond memory of Cascade Brewing sitting down with us in the winter of ‘08 and tasting us on “Vlad the Imp Aler” and “Sang Rouge” from the back of a truck.  Days later we were pouring both on draft.

On our anniversary, we’re able to share some of those first beers plus more of the Cascade gems we tried back in ‘08 & ‘09.  As a part of our five year birthday celebration, we’re opening up our cellar doors and selling Cascade vintages ranging from 2009 - 2011 of Apricot, Vine, Kriek, Sang Noir, Sang Royal, Sang Rouge, Vlad and Bourbonic.

Tastes of vintage Apricot, Vine, Kriek, Sang Noir, Sang Royal and Sang Rouge will be available for purchase.

Vlad, Bourbonic and Sang Rouge are limited to one bottle per person.  All other bottles will be limited to three per person.  Three packs of ‘09 Vine, ‘09 Apricot and ‘10 Kriek will be available at a special price! 

Vintage, Pricing & Quantity available:
‘09 = $29 - Apricot (24), Vine (50)
‘09 = $34 - Sang Royal (36)
‘09 = $40 - Vlad (16)
‘09 = $46 - Bourbonic (11)
‘10 = $27 - Apricot (12), Kriek (40)
‘10 = $32 - Sang Rouge (36)
‘11 = $25 - Apricot (24), Vine (50)
‘11 = $30 - Sang Noir (24)

Join us for FREE pasties, our 5th Annual Consecration Toast and more! Click HERE for a schedule of birthday events.

What’s with that Saraveza “The Vine” bottle?
Saraveza’s crew fell in love with Cascade’s sours in the winter of ‘08.  The following February our staff took a field trip to Cascade to learn all about their souring process and upcoming beers.  We were able to try “The Vine” for the first time and couldn’t wait for FDA label approval to get our hands on a case.  That said, Sarah was able to wrangle up some unlabeled bottles for the staff and presented them as an anniversary gifts just days before “The Vine” made its local debut. 

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