Victory’s blast from the past plus java cask!

Victory’s blast from the past plus java cask!

Friday, November 27, 2015


Wednesday December the 9th!

Come celebrate the return of a blast from the past! Our friends at Victory hare coming up on 20 years of making great beer and to celebrate they are releasing some old favorites. So starting at 6pm we are gonna have a party! Our good friend, Melissa, scored us not one but two special kegs just for this event. At 6pm we’ll be tapping some of our favorites!

Prima Pils - One of our all-time favorite pilsners! Whole flower German and Czech hops meld graciously with the 2-row German malts. This beer is sure to quench your thirst and warm up your palate for what’s to come!
Golden Monkey - Belgian Triples are an oft overlooked heavy hitter in the craft beer scene. A great example of what a brewery can achieve when playing with hops, yeasts, and barley. This Triple leads you through a disorienting adventure of delicious flavors and easy drinkability. At 9.5% ABV though, beware of the Fist of the Golden Monkey!
Hop Wallop - One of my personal favorite beers from Victory. It was retired a couple of years ago to make room for the delicious IIPA, Dirt Wolf. In celebration of their upcoming 20th anniversary, they went spelunking and found their old buddy Horace “Hop” Wallop! For a bit of gold, he agreed to help them bring back this beloved IIPA. We’ll be getting one of the few kegs that hit Oregon!
Java Cask - In typical Victory fashion, this bourbon barrel aged coffee stout is not messing around. With hints of vanilla dancing around with the chocolate malt and roasted coffee, it’s sure to awaken your senses. Don’t worry though, at 14.3% abv it will be happy to put you right back to sleep.

Beers are tapped at 6 and we’ll be here all night getting walloped by a golden monkey!


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