Tyler “Elder” Vickers Receives 2010 Oregon Beertender of the Year!

Tyler “Elder” Vickers Receives 2010 Oregon Beertender of the Year!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

tylerphotoWalk into Saraveza once and you get a handshake from your beertender, Tyler “Tiger” “Elder” Vickers.  Walk into Saraveza twice and there’s a chance that your beer will appear before you order it.  That’s our Tyler.  Tyler is known for his affinity for Pliny the Elder, polyester pants, Doo Wop, the Trail Blazers and his opinions.  Earlier this year, Upright Brewing affectionately named their fresh hop beer, “Tyler the Elder.”  This month, Tyler was awarded a much deserved accolade, “Oregon’s 2010 Bartender of the Year” as voted on by Northwest Brewing News readers.

Tyler, a native Portlander, was Saraveza’s first hire; on board before the walls were constructed. He came with a customer fan base from North PDX stints at Lompoc’s 5Q and Pix Patisserie.  He’s the youngest oldest person you’ll ever meet and perhaps, under that beard, one of the kindest.

We at Saraveza are not only honored to have the 2010 Bartender of the Year in our presence, we have the 2009 recipient as well—Jonathan Carmean, beertender and manager.  As Jonathan passes the torch to his colleague he remarks, “Everyone knows he deserves it. What people don’t know, however, is that Tyler believes it’s for the year 1964! So please don’t say anything. A pat on the back and a ‘Congratulations old man!’ should do just fine. Cheers, Tyler! You’re one of my best buddies and I’m better for it.”

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