Russian River STS pils debuts in Oregon!

Russian River STS pils debuts in Oregon!

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Propitiation 15.50 gal HB

Thursday, May 5th from 6-9pm!

Well, It’s not everyday that I (Clark) gets to write this, but Russian River has started sending a new beer to Oregon! Not only that, but we are one of the lucky few to get some first! So… Why not celebrate it! One of my personal favorite styles when the weather gets nice is a hoppy pilsner, and that’s just what they sent us! Those of you who have made the pilgrimage to the brewery may have seen it on tap there before, or maybe you have even seen a bottle from time to time, but STS Pils has hit the market. It’s draft only but we’ll be pouring it along some of their other year-round hits this night.

So come out and join us as we revel in the deliciousness of a properly poured pilsner from Russian River!

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