Saturday Morning Cartoon Extravaganza

Saturday Morning Cartoon Extravaganza

Saturday, April 28, 2012

PhotobucketSAT, May 19th AMTelevision presents “Saturday Morning Cartoon Extravaganza!” at Bad Habit room. “Saturday Morning Cartoon Extravaganza” is a collection Classic Cartoons, Commercials, PSA’s & Video Oddities from around the world. AMTelevision scours the internet, their own video files and piles of dvd’s from an insane collection so you don’t have to. Relive the fuzzy memories of your youth one Saturday at a time.

Bad Habit room offers juice, coffee, beer on tap and a selection of cans and bottles.  Classic breakfast cereals, the full Saraveza menu and other AM treats are available too!

Come in your PJ’s, bring a pillow, brings your kids (or don’t - it can get a little PG-13)...

Next Saturday Morning Cartoon Extravaganza! Is Saturday, May 19th
Theme: Beach Party
Doors: 11am
FREE (w/ food & drink purchase)

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