Quizaveza at Bad Habit!

Quizaveza at Bad Habit!

Friday, August 9, 2013










Tuesdays At Bad Habit Room it’s Quizaveza
Trivia, music, and cash prizes!

Also look forward to “Inspired by Beer” Questions, Audio Quick Fire Round and Multimedia Round.
Oh and of course we reserve a keg of delicious Russian River beer just for Quizaveza.
So if you are a trivia nerd, a beer geek or you just like to drink beer with people who are smarter than you then mark your calendar.


Every Tuesday!
Hosted by Quizzical Empire

Beer On Tap! Full Menu!

Bad Habit Room
5433 N. Michigan Ave.
$2/person. 6 people max/team.
Doors, Food & Beer at 6pm.
Sign up at 6:30,
Quiz at 7pm.

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