Pliny the Younger ticket sales and tapping!

Pliny the Younger ticket sales and tapping!

Thursday, February 25, 2016


The time is here everybody! Below is everything you need to know about how we will be spreading the Pliny the Younger love this year!

Ticket sales begin on Saturday February 27th at 11am!

- Tickets go on sale at 11am!
- Pliny the Younger will be tapped on Thursday, March 3rd at 11am and will ONLY BE SERVED TO VALID TICKET HOLDERS!
- You will need your ID both for purchasing tickets, and for redeeming tickets.
- There will be a maximum of 2 tickets sold to one person.
- We will only allow 1 ticket to be redeemed per person on Thursday. (So, you can buy two tickets, and come up here with a friend to have one, but you can’t have both of them, capeesh?)
- Tickets will be $5 each, which gets you a single 8oz pour.
- The tickets are non-refundable.

Keg is tapped on Thursday March the 3rd at 11am!

- You may redeem your ticket any time between 11am and 11pm on Thursday, March 3rd.
- We will have plenty of tasty treats other than Pliny the Younger on tap, as usual!
- You will only get 1 8oz pour of Pliny the Younger with a valid ticket.
- There will not be any refunds for non-redeemed tickets.


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