SOLD OUT: MO Returns to Bad Habit!

SOLD OUT: MO Returns to Bad Habit!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Saturday, April 13th Rawk Out with Mo at “Saraveza‚Äôs Speakeasy,” Bad Habit Room. Get Cozy… Bring a pillow or cushion if ya like Moroccan Style!

Come hungry - Bad Habit offers a Full Menu with Options for Kids. Juice Boxes and Pop as well as Craft Beer and Wine will be offered at the bar. Please tip your server.

$6 toddlers and up, plus $1 processing.

Early Show: Doors @ 3:30pm, show 4-5pm SOLD OUT

Late Show: Doors @ 5:30, show 6-7pm SOLD OUT

Bad Habit Room
5433 N.Michigan


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