Founders Launch Party

Founders Launch Party

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

C’mon Transplants, Let’s Make Founders Feel At Home!

Wed. Feb. 8th, 4pm: Yes! Yes! Yes!  One of the Midwest’s favorite and most acclaimed breweries is making its debut in Portland.  You’ll start to see their beers on shelves in early February.  This should wet your whistle for Saraveza’s explosion of Founders Brewing on Wednesday, Feb. 8th! 

Saraveza will have some usual suspects and barrel-aged beers on draft paired with Founders’ co-founder Mike Stephens and some additional Founders big wigs and brewery reps. It’s our job to make this Midwest group feel at home here in Portland.  Let’s welcome this crew and one of America’s founding craft breweries to town with style.  Stay till 8pm when the Brewvana bus will swing by and take you to East Burn to continue on with the festivities. 

Here’s our draft line-up on Wed. Feb. 8th:
32477234012_59be8a68c9_t.jpg Frootwood - Cherry ale aged in bourbon & maple syrup oak barrels.

31787407334_58bb72b7d6_t.jpgAzacca IPA - Made with Azacca hop (citrus and mango) and a touch of caramel malt.

31787407434_6d09baa682_t.jpgLizard of KoZ - Imperial stout brewed with fresh Michigan blueberries, rich chocolate and vanilla aged in bourbon barrels.

31818632973_9ed88714ab_t.jpgRubaeus - A raspberry ale and a Founders flagship.

31787406844_4d053c1770_t.jpgAll Day IPA - Founders kingpin IPA.

31818632793_c40a4e30da_t.jpgCentennial IPA - Centennial based with malty undertones.  Sweet, juicy and not too bitter.

31787406714_2755754f51_t.jpgPorter - Cozy like velvet. It’s a lover, not a fighter.

31787407024_b76509b9a8_t.jpgRed’s Rye IPA - Best super fresh and that’s how we’ll be pouring it! Amarillo dry hop, imported Belgian caramel malts and a generous addition of rye malt.

We won’t let you go home empty handed.  In addition to the swag Founders will be bringing, Saraveza will have package of: Breakfast Stout, Backwoods, Dirty Bastard, Imperial Stout, Lizard of Koz, Frootwood, All Day, Rubaeus, Centennial, Porter and Azacca.


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