Fieldtrip to CASCADE BREWING: “We don’t need labels!”

Fieldtrip to CASCADE BREWING: “We don’t need labels!”

Friday, February 6, 2009

Just because we’re closed on Tuesdays doesn’t mean that we at Saraveza are taking the day off. No-sir-ree-bob. Sometimes we’re organizing our coolers, dreaming up new pasties, tasting new beers and other Tuesdays we’re taking fieldtrips!!!

Ever since we laid our tastebuds on Cascade’s Vlad the Imp Aler (a blend of soured oak-aged quads, tripels and blondes) we knew that this brewery was onto something unique. Sooo, we packed up our bags and headed to Beaverton to visit Cascade Brewing and Raccoon Lodge Brew Pub.

What we found during our visit is that brewers Ron Gangsberg and Curtis Bain are making some of the most innovative beers around. In addition to their regular line-up of beers you’ll find on tap at the Lodge, there’s an entire line of Belgian styles that are being oak aged, blended and/or soured. Their line-up includes:
Vine - Is it a wine? NO! It’s a beer. And it’s beautiful!!! This soured blend of blonde ale and ale made with white grapes is such a treat! Insane and delicious! So wonderful that when Curtis explained to us that we wouldn’t be able to get our hands on it until the bottles were labeled, Tyler, our beloved beertender, exclained, “Labels! We don’t need labels!” Lisa, a fellow beertender, then cried, “This will be served to toast at my wedding!” In conclusion, all at Saraveza LOVES the Vine. And no, we won’t have it until the labels are FDA approved.
Cascade Kriek - A Flanders style kriek soured and aged with Oregon cherries. This delicious ale won a bronze medal in the wood/barrel aged sour category at GABF this year!
Cascade Apricot - Holy cow! This Flanders style apricot beer was out of sight!!! Such a tasty treat that Draft Magazine named it one of its top 25 beers of 2008.
Mouton Rouge - A blend of 4-6 Flemish reds ales aged in oak barrels. Delicious!! Expect to find this on our sour tap handle!
Cuvee du Jongleur - A blend of Flemish Reds and soured Belgian Tripels - the perfect juggle of a blend.
Cascade Blackberry - You guessed it…Flanders style ale with blackberries!

After a three hour tour, we headed to basement bar, shot pool and ate some appetizers. Their Coconut Onion rings are not so bad! The entire staff at Raccoon Lodge and Brewery were so hospitable. Thanks to all for a memorable experience!

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