Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Friday, July 26th from 6-10pm.  Trevor & Linsey of de Garde will be in-house sharing some of their spontaneously fermented ales including a very special new Saison.  Join us for this wild and wonderful mini-tap takeover to include:

Vieux Melange:  A blend of older and younger barrel aged farmhouse style ales fermented with our wild yeast and bacteria, this lightly tart brew has complex oak notes, a bright fruit character, And a lithe body.
ABV:  6.2%
IBU:  30

Vielle Peche:  A limited release of our wild, barrel aged, historic farmhouse ale with the addition of Oregon grown peaches added directly to the barrel. Lightly acidic, with a wonderful botanical character and a moderate peach fruitiness to complement.
ABV:  6.3%
IBU:  25

Mulligan:  An ‘India Wild Ale’ aged in gin barrels. Spontaneously fermented for a unique depth of character. We used a huge amount of hops, with a nearly equal split between the new Polaris hop for it’s sharp minty and citrus notes, and Citra for it’s tropical and citrus character. Aromatic, flavorful and hoppy, with a great gin twist.
ABV:  6.7%
IBU:  80

Ortucky Commons:  A collaborative brew with The Commons, this dark rye sour ale was brewed at Commons and fermented in 2nd use Bourbon barrels with slurry captured from DeGarde’s BuWeisse as well as one of the Commons house yeasts.
ABV:  5.4%

Is your mouth watering yet?  Ours are!

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