Cheeseheads take note! Beerheads listen up!

Cheeseheads take note! Beerheads listen up!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Last night, Steve of Steve’s Cheese and I gave our first beer and cheese class. We had done our homework and came up with some slam dunks on combos. Even for a girl who’s eaten her fair share of cheese (Wisco Yo!) and drank more than her fair share of beer (snooze ya loose!!) I had some new flavors in these matches. Here’s the menu that made fireworks in my mouth:

Kickin’ it off right: Pholia Farm’s ELK MOUNTAIN (Raw Nigerian Dwarf Goat) - Rogue River, Oregon w/ HUB’s DIABOLITO (Small Belgian Strong) - Portland, Oregon

Separated at birth: ROS OMBRA (Sheeps Milk) - Catalonia, Spain w/ Moylan’s SCOTCH ALE - Novato, California

Super smooth: Guifante’s 3 MILK ROBIOLA - Piedmont, Italy w/ Eel River’s CLIMAX NOEL (Imperial Red Holiday Ale) - Fortuna, California

A group favorite: Herve Mons’s GRUYERE (Raw Cow) - Bern, Switzerland w/ Brouwerij Verhaeghe’s DUCHESSE DE BOURGOGNE (Flemish Red Ale) - Vichte, Belgium

Our most punk rock combo: Neal’s Yard Dairy - Colston Basset’s SHROPSHIRE (Cow’s Milk) - UK w/ Ommegang’s GRAND CRU ROUGE (Flemish Red Ale) - Copperstown, New York

We’re set to do this again. If you’re into it, just sign up for Saraveza’s mailing list and you’ll be of the first to know.

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