Monday, March 24, 2014

SAT & SUN, MARCH 29TH & 30TH - This year at Portland Farmhouse & Wild Ale Festival we will be featuring a few keynote speakers, who have been integral in the process of introducing Farmhouse & Wild Ales to the Oregon Craft Beer Community.  Don’t miss an opportunity to hear these pioneers of the movement wax philosophic on everything from working with wild yeast strains to what it’s like to actually brew on a working farm!

Sat. 3/29 at noon:  The Commons Brewery:  Urban Farmhouse Brewing

The Commons team (Mike Wright, Sean Burke & Josh Grgas), will discuss brewing techniques and philosophies of brewing farmhouse ales in the city.  Topics will include:  conventional and wild yeast fermentation, fermentation vessels, brewing inspiration, spicing and flavor development and more!

















Sat. 3/29 at 2:30pm:  David Logsdon of Logsdon Farmhouse Ales

David Logsdon is one of the founding fathers of Oregon’s craft brewing scene.  Founder of Wyeast Laboratories, Co-founder of Full Sail Brewing and Founder of Logsdon Farmhouse Ales; with a resume like this, you will not want to miss hearing David speak about a wide range of topics including:  brewing in general, brewing on an operating farm and yeast cultivation.

Sun. 3/30 at noon:  Ben Edmunds of Breakside Brewery

Ben Edmunds, Alumni of both Yale and Seibold Institute and Breakside’s Brewmaster since inception, speaks on making beers with acid:  the overlap of sour, wild, farmhouse and wheat beers.

Sun. 3/30 at 1:30pm:  Tobias Schock of Agrarian Ales

Agrarian Ales is located on a 20-acre family owned farm just north of Eugene.  They grow 100% of their own organic hops as well as many of the other elements that make their beers so unique. Tobias, Brewer at Agrarian, speaks about life on the farm and the challenges and benefits of brewing using their own and other locally produced ingredients.














Sun. 3/30 at 2:30pm:  Vasilios Gletsos of Laurelwood Brewing Co.

Vasilios, Brewmaster of Laurelwood, will speak about the challenges of brewing wild ales and saisons in between large batches of IPA and other more widely produced styles demanded by the public.  Vasilios has been making these types of beers commercially off and on over the span of his brewing career.  Learn what it’s like for someone who has to balance their passion for a multitude of styles within a brewery that really cranks out the beer.

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