6101 Bottle Caps = Aug 1, 2008

6101 Bottle Caps = Aug 1, 2008

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I really thought I wasn’t going to like it, but I SO underestimated Bridgetown’s Belgian coffee-Marion berry ale - the Stumptown Tart. If you ever feel like drinking dessert - she’s delicious!

Pulling a permit is like pulling teeth. Saraveza is officially starting to roll. Hope to start building in a week+. Like molasses. In the mean time, I’ve started the table/bar design. We’ll have to work quickly to get them completed before the finish work starts cuz that’ll keep me real busy. So far I’ve received aproximately 3212 bottle caps! I’m estimating that I’ll need 9313 usable caps. THAT MEANS I’m hoping I’ll collect 6101 more caps by August 1st (address below / I’ll reimburse shipping). If you’re collecting from Wisconsin, there’s a chance that I can grab them in person while I’m visiting in late July. Thanks to everyone helpful in this bottle cap search!!! And remember..EVERY CAP COUNTS!!

I’m also starting a mailing list; hope its okay that you’re on it!

Oh, has anyone been to The Four Firkins in Minneapolis? Looks rad!

Prost, Sarita

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