The 420 Orgination Story

The 420 Orgination Story

Saturday, April 15, 2017

(photo credit of the original Waldos:
The origination of 420 is somewhat up for debate, but the story that seems to float to the top, that appears to have the most legitimacy, is that of the Waldos.  Here it is in a nutshell:

In 1971, the Waldos (a group of high school boys) met regularly at 4:20 pm in the front courtyard of their school (San Rafael High) near a statue of Louis Pasteur.  These treasure hunters would set out in a ‘66 Impala armed with a map and some doobies on a journey to find a secret pot garden near Point Reyes. They never did find the secret garden, but they kept looking.

420 Tappings

Thu. April 20th: This year, on 420 we celebrate all the treasure hunters as well as this national counter culture holiday.  Do you celebrate 420?  If so, do so with us - these beers are for you:

Lagunitas The Waldos’ Special Ale IPA: The dankest and hoppiest beer ever brewed at Lagunitas (was made with the help of the original Waldos for all treasure hunters.)
Coalition Two Flowers IPA: The first commercially produced Cannobid oil (CBD) Hemp infused beer in Oregon.

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