3 Day “Back to School” Cider Tasting

3 Day “Back to School” Cider Tasting

Monday, September 5, 2011

"Back to School" 3 Day Cider TastingSept. 15th-17th (Thur-Sat), 6-8pm: Ready to get schooled in Cider!?! For those of you who love your sours…come on down Thurs. night and check out sour beer’s cousin - SIDRA!  On Friday enjoy classics from Aspall, a Cyder House owned and operated by the same family for eight generations.  Saturday it gets local with McMinnville’s favorite cider maker, Carlton Cyderworks. 

AND..to top it off, Sugar Pimp is making apple turnovers and a different cider ice cream each night! 

Here’s the cider tasting low-down:

-“Isastegi” Sagardo Naturala 2010
-Trabanco Sidra de Asturias “Poma Áurea” 2007
-Trabanco Sidra “Consecha Propia” 2009
-“Isategi” Ice Cream & Apple Turnovers

-Aspall “Dry”
-Aspall “Organic”
-Aspall “Demi”
-Aspall “Blush”
-Aspall “Organic” Ice Cream & Apple Turnovers

-Carlton Cyderworks “Carry Nation”
-Carlton Cyderworks “Citizen”
-Carlton Cyderworks “Scrumptown”
-Carlton Cyderworks “Citizen” Ice Cream & Apple Turnovers

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