12/12/12: Aaron Rodgers Day Only Comes Once Every 100 Years

12/12/12: Aaron Rodgers Day Only Comes Once Every 100 Years

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Aaron RodgersWED Dec 12th (12/12/12), 6PM: If only Congress could take a lesson from Wisconsin legislators and their moment of unanimous agreement. 12/12/12 was officially declared “Aaron Rodgers Day” by all members of the Republican and Democratic parties of the Wisconsin legislature.  Thanks to Aaron, the question, “Can’t we all just get along?” was answered with an astounding YES!

A Super Bowl MVP, world championship, a single-season passer rating record and just a darn good role model, Aaron Rodgers is a guy we’re all proud of and now we have a day to celebrate it. 

Wisconsin State Rep. Garey Bies, officially announced the declaration stating, “I think Aaron Rodgers really deserves it because he’s a tremendous football player on the field, but he’s also a tremendous human being off the field.”

“It’s a great opportunity to give perspective on how a career — and the way you live your life — can have an impact on the society you live in,” Aaron Rodgers said.  (Man…almost as good as a Lombardi quote!)

On Dec 12th, wear your green, gold and 12s proud.  Come in to Saraveza and celebrate a man, a team and let’s all just get along!  And we’ve got a Championship belt for you to try on….

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