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Welcome to Saraveza!

Saraveza Bottle Shop & Pasty Tavern takes beer seriously. Select from our curated bottle or rotating draft collection.  Enjoy a dish from our Midwest-inspired scratch menu. Take any beer home at a discounted price. Our vintage bottles make great gifts!

Portland Beer Week Events!

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

pdx beer week

June 9th - 19th - See specific events below!

It’s that time of year again! Time for you to hoist your plastic mug, don your pretzel necklace, and celebrate a city where every week is Portland beer week! This year we are pulling no punches and putting together an all-star lineup of fun events and great beer! Check out the list below!


Cascade Weekend

June 11th and 12th - ALL DAY!

Join us on both Saturday and Sunday for a very special event! We are teaming up with the fine folks over at Cascade to bring you some seriously sour treats! Including a limited blend put together by all of us Saravezeans here at Saraveza!

We’ll be pouring our own special blend along with:
Elderberry Blond
Nectarine Dream
Rose City Sour

and Mixed Plum

In addition to the special draft offerings, we’ll be breaking off the doors to our cellar and putting out a massive selection of vintage Cascade bottles that we’ve been hoarding! So come get some great deals on some sour specialties to share, or continue to hoard them all for yourself!


Fremont Bacon Night!

June 13th, 6-10pm!
It’s our usual once a month event, Free Bacon Night, but with a bit of a twist! The fine folks over at Fremont brewing are joining in on the meat-stravaganza! They’re invading our taps with some special and rare treats! They’ll be bringing some taproom only beers with them, as well as some barrel aged goodies as well!

Speaking of special goodies and treats, as always, our BBF (Bacon Best Friend) Zeph from Proletariat Butchery will be on hand, passing out FREE samples of his delicious meats! We’re not real sure what he’s bringing either, but knowing him, it’s going to be awesome!


Michigan on Michigan II, The Yoopering!

June 14th, 6 to 9pm
What once was a secret event, is now out in the open. Remember that time we had Bell’s Brewery up here on Michigan? Well, we’re doing it again, but with a twist!

Come by and enjoy some Upper Hand Brewery beers, and meet the owner of both Upper Hand, and Bell’s, Larry Bell! We’ll have packaged beer available for sale, as well as four special things on draft! So don’ forget yer choppers, ay!

Rumor has it we’ll have some Bell’s goodies as well, so we won’t leave any of you Michiganders out in the cold. We’ve got you yoopers and you trolls covered!

On draft:
Barrel aged Baltic Porter
Double Ringer DIPA
Old Fighter Barleywine
Yooper Ale

Double Ringer DIPA
Escanaba Black Beer
Old Fighter Barleywine
UPA Upper Peninsula Ale
Upper Hand Lager

The festivities start at 6pm, 


Jeffers Drops Acid… Knowledge

June 15th, 6-9pm!
Come hang out with Jeffers from Firestone Walker as he drops some serious acid knowledge on your brains! We’ll have 4 delicious sours on tap from their Barrelworks program, as well as some unfiltered DBA (a beer they use as a base for some of their sours) and hopefully batch 2 of the smash hit Luponic Distortion series. Draft list TBD, but it’ll be sure to be a pHantastic time!

Alpine logo

Drink Alpine beer or go to bed!

June 16th, 6-9pm!
Come out and meet Pat and Val McIlhenney from Alpine brewing tonight! We’ll have some special offerings from Alpine and their partners in crimebeer this night, including some Nelson and a treat from the Green Flash Cellar 3 series! Sure to be a great time welcoming these fine folks to the neighborhood. Draft list details will be announced soon!

Finnriver’s Flight of Fancy!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016


Thursday, June 23rd 6-9pm!

Come out and join us and our dear friends from Finnriver as we celebrate Portland Cider Week, and their flight of fancy, with some fancy ciders! Their regional and national ambassadors will be on hand to sample some very rare and special bottles for all of you lovely Finnheads! We’ll also have four very special draft offerings for you to choose from, as well as those very special bottles for sale to add to your cider collections at home!

Come out, taste some delicious ciders, drink some delicious ciders, and let’s all celebrate the wonderful flight of fancy that brought these delicious libations from Finnriver together!

Featured Specialty Bottles

Finnflusseweisse 6.5% abv
An idea was born from a bartender serving a Berlinerweisse style beer with a shot of Finnriver Brandywine (Raspberry or Black Currant) as the fruited syrup, per the traditional service of the style. We began with the tannic pomace of bittersweet apples, along with fresh organic apple juice, added lactic bacteria, Berlinerweisse yeast and a touch of rain water to capture the wildness of the dripping Doug Firs we hold so dear. We let this ferment and mature for 6 months to dryness, then added new lactic and fresh juice to get it alive and tart all over again. What you taste is ‘keg conditioned berlinerweisse inspired’ cider. Strong lactic twang, high acid achieved from low acid fruit. Dry, and nutty from the yeast cloud, but not ‘tannicy’ bitter from apples as that felt untrue to the form. Our dry and twangy Finnflusseweisse brings a version of apples gone Champagne of the North.

Chimacum Kreik 6.5% abv
A tribute to deep Belgian roots that crafted fermentation culture 300 years ago. This bottle is also a tribute to the restoration of the creek that runs through both of the Finnriver locations, the water from this creek waters our orchard, this creek is in our apples. Beginning with organic apples, we added cherries that were too ripe on the trees, a little split and sweet from days of Yakima sunshine at Tonnemaker Hill Farms. Lacto, Pedio and Bret worked their magic from September to April. Tart, tangy, puckering, lingering sweet dark cherry. The twang comes from the life after the tree and the oxidized depth from the life before the ferment. Here is a bottle conditioned, soured, sweet dark cherry, Cider. Here’s to you Chimacum Creek! May your salmon swim far and your eagles eat well.

Berry Barrel Sour 6.5% abv
Our Barrel Berry Sour is a combination of pear and apple wines fermented in barrels and steel tanks then combined. Once blended, we reached to a famous finishing technique from the Belgian beer world called Lambic. Historically, a fermented sour beer ‘gueuze’ is fruited with the brewer’s choice of fresh fruit. This fruit ferments on top of the beer and adds a fresh and sharp fruit profile to the nose and palate. At Finnriver, we added 30 gallons of barrel aged blueberry wine (and a touch of fresh blueberry) to a blended tank of soured cider (our gueuze) and let the resident yeast/bacteria finish their life on berries. This last fruit pushes our sour cider on to a form of cider lambic.  Bottle conditioned, disgorged to clear the yeast and then pasteurized to hold the final sweetness. The result being slightly sour, stupendously deep blueberry, tart, tannic and truly tangy.

Featured Specialty Draft

PearWood 6.5% abv
A blend of bittersweet apple wine made from Farnum Hill juice, blended with Organic Washington Granny Smith and Pink Lady which has undergone a malo-lactic ferment creating a different mouth feel and new acid punch. Finished with a fair bit of oak and organic pear juice to sweeten and lend a bit of fancy. A limited release of our contemporary pear cider with depth, complexity and wood.

Black Stave 6.5% abv
A special edition of our well-loved Black Currant Cider, farmcrafted with organic Washington apples, fermented dry, stave aged for depth and then married with an oaked, funky currant ferment. A deep drink of the density of currants. A limited release of our award winning, contemporary dark fruit cider made with wood.

Hopping Through the Forest 6.5% abv
Finnriver’s Hopping Through the Forest, a special release crafted for the hopped cider lover made with Organic Washington Apples, Organic Cascade, Comet, Magnum and German Hallertauer Hops, Doug Fir tips, Grand Fir tips and a touch of organic cane sugar. Bright and crisp up front—clearly citrus peel notes with herbaceous edges, a resinous finish that lingers as a true bitter.

Andechs tasting with a special keg!

Friday, May 13, 2016


Kloster Andechs tasting and Maibock on draught!

Wednesday, May 25th! 6-9pm

Come join us and Dan from S&H Independent Premium Brands as we have some great Kloster Andechs beer for you to sample!

Dan will be sampling the full bottle lineup from them, and we’ll have bottles to purchase for here or to go! We’ll also have 2 great beers from them on draught, their Vollbeir Hell and their Bergbock Hell! The Vollbeir is a delicious Helles lager, and the Bergbock is their maibock, which only a few kegs made it to the Portland market!

So come out and refresh your memory of some great German style beers, and grab a pint while you’re at it! Dan will have some glassware to offer up as well!

Free Bacon Night!

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Free Bacon Night at SaravezaEvery 2nd Monday of the month from 6-10pm, come on down to Saraveza for a beer and get your pork on!  Saraveza’s Free Bacon Night will be featuring products from Proletariat Butchery. Owner of Proletariat, Zeph, will be in house cooking up some of his finest for you to try!  Come on down to Saraveza for a beer, get your pork on, and meet the man behind the bacon. Get your choice of meat with the purchase of any draft beer. Seriously. Free. Bacon. Seriously. Free. Bacon.
Next chance to get your bacon is Monday, May 16th!

Russian River STS pils debuts in Oregon!

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Propitiation 15.50 gal HB

Thursday, May 5th from 6-9pm!

Well, It’s not everyday that I (Clark) gets to write this, but Russian River has started sending a new beer to Oregon! Not only that, but we are one of the lucky few to get some first! So… Why not celebrate it! One of my personal favorite styles when the weather gets nice is a hoppy pilsner, and that’s just what they sent us! Those of you who have made the pilgrimage to the brewery may have seen it on tap there before, or maybe you have even seen a bottle from time to time, but STS Pils has hit the market. It’s draft only but we’ll be pouring it along some of their other year-round hits this night.

So come out and join us as we revel in the deliciousness of a properly poured pilsner from Russian River!

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